The Annual Radiology Meeting in the UAE Concludes Today


Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 15th of November 2016: Organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions, and supported by the Radiology Society of the Emirates, the 1st edition of the Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE concluded its activities today at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre “ADNEC”, with the participation of over 300 doctors and technicians from the UAE, Europe, Asia and MENA.

Dr. Khaled Al Jaberi, Director Of Health Regulation Division, Health Authority Abu Dhabi restated that UAE doctors are qualified to deal with all the radioactive imaging techniques to conduct various types of necessary tests to detect diseases, noting that hospitals in the UAE already have the latest technology available in this field.

During his visit to the Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE, Dr. Khaled Al Jabri reaffirmed that this meeting is one of the most important specialized medical events, which specializes in gathering all stakeholders and institutions working in the field of radiology.


“This meeting is of great importance, as it addresses an important medical field that supports and services many other medical disciplines. This event will save time for specialists by introducing them to the latest advances in this field.” – Dr. Khaled Al Jabri said.

He went on saying: “The meeting is privileged to witness that participation of male and female doctors from the UAE, helping them to acquire advanced expertise in radiology, which in turn will help in sharpening the skills of local specialists.”

From his side, Dr. Abdulla Al Remeithi, Conference Chairman said: “The meeting discussed the latest techniques and approaches to diagnose diseases through radiography and imaging devices, especially diseases like tumors. The meeting also discussed the latest scientific research and medical developments in the diagnosis of these diseases. The conference program is accredited with 17 CPD Credits by the Ministry of Health & Prevention – MOHAP”

He added saying: “Among the goals of the meeting, we wanted to raise the skill level of every one working in the diagnostic radiology field from physicians to technicians. We want to keep them up to date with the latest developments and trends in radiology. The radiology field has many various branches, since it is one of the areas experiencing rapid changes and sophisticated advances every two years. With each new technique coming out, it practically eliminates its predecessor.

He pointed out that the meeting revealed state-of-the-art radiology technologies, with an example of a device consisting of 640 film slides that can examine 16 centimeters of the human body in less than a second.

Al Remeithi went on saying: “We committed to diversifying the experiences of the participants in the conference. This came evident as we had speakers coming from Europe, the United States, England and the Arab world. They all contributed to the optimal exchange of experiences to better-serve the patients.”

ARM2016 was sponsored by Siemens, Gulf Drug, Toshiba, Carestream, Infinitt, Completes Interpharm and Elsevier. The Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE will be held annually alternately between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The organizing committee has announced that the 2nd edition will be taking place next year from 12th to 14th November, 2017 at the Maktoum Hall of the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.





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