Dr. Khaled Al Jaberi Inaugurates the 1st Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE

“The meeting reveals new medical equipment for cancer diagnosis & cardiac imaging to replace cardiac catheterization”



Dubai – United Arab Emirates, 13th of November 2016: Dr. Khaled Al Jaberi, Director of Health Regulation Division, Health Authority Abu Dhabi, inaugurated today the 1st edition of the Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre “ADNEC”.

Following the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dr. Khaled Al Jaberi, accompanied by a number of officials, heads of delegations, and prominent specialists and speakers toured the exhibition area where they were introduced to the latest medical devices and equipment used in the field of radiology and imaging.

The meeting has revealed the latest medical techniques and equipment used in the field of radiography that can detect cancer in the early stages, especially lung cancer. The doctors have also touched upon new medical devices introduced to the gulf region that can conduct imaging for the cross-sectional area of the abdomen and full body imaging in 5 seconds, which is a major medical breakthrough.


In addition to that, the parallel exhibition have showcased new medical devices for diagnostic imaging that can give an accurate depiction of blood vessels and the heart to diagnose heart diseases, substituting the need for cardiac catheterization.

From his side, Dr. Abdulla Alremaithi, President of Emirates Radiology Society, Consultant at Zayed Military Hospital said: “The conference witnesses the participation of prominent specialists from Sweden, Britain, America, Norway and Korea as well as lecturers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The conference over its 3 days will also attract more than 300 specialists from around the world to introduce them to the latest technologies in the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging, and it highlights medical devices that help physicians diagnose diseases accurately and reduce surgical intervention.”

Dr. Abdullah also stated that the meeting is organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions and Emirates Radiology Society to bring forward the greatest expertise and technologies in this specialized field.

Dr. Abdullah Alremaithi continued: “The conference also touched upon medical devices that diagnose the most common diseases in the gulf region like diabetic foot, heart, respiratory, pancreatic, and musculoskeletal disorders.”

He also mentioned that leading companies from Germany, United States of America, and Japan are participating in the exhibition to showcase latest medical techniques and equipment used in the field of radiography. These medical devices can conduct full body imaging in 5 seconds and others can accurately detect small regions in the body that are less than half a millimeter; in addition to some devices that can diagnose cancerous cells in its early stages especially lung cancers.

From his side, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of the Annual Radiology Meeting in the UAE said: “With the constantly evolving medical field, we feel that it is our responsibility to create as much educational events as possible to improve the medical practice in different fields. The Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE – ARM, is the first specialized and dedicated conference and exhibition for radiology and diagnostic imaging in the country, and we are expecting for it a great success in the coming years.”

Dr. Al Madani announced that the meeting attracts more than 16 local and international speakers who have come to share their best practices and latest researches in this field. He has also mentioned that the parallel exhibition will shed light on the latest advances in medical imaging and latest technologies in radiology.

The Annual Radiology Meeting in UAE is organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding and it is supported by Emirates Radiology Society, and it will continue until 15th November 2016 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre “ADNEC”.





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